Doctor of Economic Sciences, business coach, practitioner

  • Graduate of the Yaroslavl Higher Military Financial School, St. Petersburg State Economic University, European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover, Germany).
  • Founder of the International Business Academy “IBA”, whose graduates are real business community professionals who top the ratings of the most successful leaders.
  • Is an honorary co-chairman of the oldest international charitable foundation Mercy Corps
  • Is a Master of Law

The citizen of the Russian Federation, was born in Leningrad in a military family (father and mother are naval aviation officers). He spent his childhood and school years in military garrisons. Doctor of Economics, Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Master of Laws, President of the International Business Academy (IBA), chief Development Officer (CDO), speaker of IBA INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TRAINING (CY) LTD, founder and chairman of the CC «Best Way», business coach, practitioner, author of social programs and innovative business technologies, philanthropist, reserve officer of the Navy.
Marital status: married, four children.

Since 2013, he has annually held a cultural and patriotic event «Officers' Ball» with the participation of the Heroes of the USSR and Russia, a delegation from the Hero Cities and government officials. The officer's ball is held in honor of the Victory Day in Great Patriotic War in order to pay tribute to the Heroes of the USSR and Russia, to foster love for the Motherland and instill high moral values in the young generation, to support the high patriotic spirit of the citizens of our country.

Since 2016, he has been providing targeted assistance to children with severe neurological pathology. Funds local research in the development of high-tech methods for compensating key deficits in pediatric neurology and psychiatry. Gratuitous financial consulting of the Doctrina Clinical Center, located in St. Petersburg, contributes to the localization of the latest technologies in the Russian Federation, their improvement and modification.

Since 2016, he has been making donations and targeted assistance to the Valaam Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery. Representative of the monastery, clergyman of the Russian Orthodox Church, archimandrite Father Methodius.

Since 2017, from the very moment of its creation, he has been taking part in the Annual Festival of Folk Song «DOBROVIDENIE» as a patron and sponsor. The main goal of the festival is to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of Russia and broadcast it to the broad masses, to preserve the monuments of the musical culture of the peoples of the Russian Federation and the peoples of neighboring countries of Europe and Asia.

In 2020, he financed participation in the restoration of the Obelisk of Glory to the Immortal Heroes who gave their lives for their Motherland during the Great Patriotic War in Kerch (Republic of Crimea).

Since 2020, he has been contributing to the development of children's sports in the country, providing financial and all kinds of support to the children's hockey team «Life is Good» from the city of Ufa.

Since 2014, in support of the program to provide citizens of the Russian Federation with affordable and comfortable housing, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 600 dated 05.07.2012, he founded and headed the Housing Cooperative «Best Way». The cooperative as a socially significant project provides an opportunity to improve the living conditions of citizens of the country, and as a result - to prevent brain drain abroad.


  1. Medal of the President of the Russian Federation «300 years of the Russian Fleet» (А№0791400, decree of 06.07.1996)
  2. Medal of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation «For distinction in military service» (Order of the Ministry of Defense № 301 of 05.19.1997).
  3. Medal of the name Karl Marx «Karl Marx – Medaille» for the contribution to the development of science from the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Hannover, Germany (№ 09 of 06.28.2016)
  4. Medal «For contribution to ensuring the economic security of Russia» (3822 dated 12.09.2015).
  5. Order «For Service of Russia» dated 09.05.2019 from the Program Support Committee of the President of the Russian Federation
  6. Headed cooperative - laureate of the National Prize «Financial Olympus 2015», the National Award Committee of the Russian Federation; The annual national prize «Economic Support of Russia» of the Foundation for the Support of Entrepreneurial Initiatives and the national prize «Elite of the National Economy» of the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship.
  7. Awarded the title of «Honorary Citizen of Russia», a public award.

Education and professional development:

1986-1990: Yaroslavl Higher Military Financial School. Faculty: Financial support of troops. Specialty - Economist. Awarded the military rank of lieutenant. Diploma № TB 599947 dated 06.19.1990

1996: Continuing education: Course «Financial Services».

1997: Continuing education: Course «Financial planning; Capital formation; Financial security».

1998: Continuing education: Course «Asset Management; Financial planning; Asset Protection».

2006: Continuing education: Course «Investments; Insurance equipment; Management».

2010: Continuing education: Course «Trading in international financial markets», «Trading in securities and financial derivatives».

2015: St. Petersburg State University of Economics, academic degree - candidate of economic sciences; Topic of Ph.D. thesis: «Strategies and mechanisms for the development of affordable housing markets in the regions of Russia». Diploma № 37/38 dated 12.24.2015.

2016: European Academy of Natural Sciences and European University, Hannover, Germany, academic degree - Doctor of Economics; «Methodology, methods, patterns and laws of road construction in the region (on the example of the Leningrad region»). Diploma № 021/16 dated 04.12.2016.

2017-2020: Pushkin Leningrad State University, Master of Laws.

Professional activity:

1990–1998: Military unit 22966 (Leningrad Naval Base), head of the financial service of a military unit; transfer to the reserve in connection with organizational staff events with the right to wear military uniforms. Military rank – major.

1998–2013: Work in various organizations in positions from financial consultant to director.

2009-2014: International Business Academy IBA in St. Petersburg (state educational license № 1901 dated 05.25.2016), founder.

2013–present: Since 2017 – part-time teacher at IBA.
Since 2018 – General Direction at IBA

2014–present: Housing cooperative «Best Way», founder and chairman of the board. In 2021, the Housing Cooperative «Best Way» was renamed to Interregional consumer cooperative for improving the quality of life «Best Way» (CC «Best Way»).

Roman Viktorovich Member of the Board of Directors of Kenyonville Academy (USA)
  • Improving the personal effectiveness of a manager
  • Time management
  • Basic principles of leadership
  • Creating a personal brand
Coaching support
  • Identifying and eliminating errors in teamwork
  • Successful closing of the transaction.
  • Effective sales
  • Staff motivation
  • Basic principles of organizational development
  • Strategic management
The art of public
  • Fundamentals of Rhetoric
  • Psychological aspects of public speaking
  • Argumentation. Handling objections
  • Tough negotiations
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